Carrot Recipes

Carrots are a super versatile vegetable, eaten widely across the world. The most commonly used part of the carrot is the root, but you can also eat the green tops too as you would eat spinach or cabbage. The most common variety of carrot is the orange carrot, but purple, red, white and yellow carrots are also available. Carrots can be eaten raw, boiled, roasted, simmered or pulped — and they can also be eaten in savoury or sweet dishes. Take a look at our recipes below for a selection of carrot recipes, including carrot and banana cake, posh pickled carrot salad and carrot and sweet potato mash.

About Carrots:

Carrots are very popular as a base to all sorts of recipes as they are slightly sweet — they are often put with celery for savouriness and onions for golden sweetness, and they are often used as the base to sauces, stews and ragus. But their sweetness also works well in sweet dishes, which is why carrots are so often used in cakes. Carrot cakes are popular with kids and adults alike, as they are sweet and gently spiced. They're a particularly good way of getting carrots into your little ones if they don't like vegetables — all the more reason to get baking! Carrots are also used in Indian cuisine, and we've got a great recipe for carrot halwa — a delicious dessert made with carrots, roast spices and nuts and condensed milk.

We've got bags of recipes above, including numerous carrot soups such as ginger and carrot soup, carrot and parsnip soup, carrot and lentil soup and a curried carrot soup, as well as plenty of carrot side dishes such as satay carrot salad, carrot fritters and carrots with a spiced butter sauce.

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